Jellema Family Campaign

Princes of the Apocalypse 3

Session 3

Arriving at Nettlebee Ranch, the party learns from the family that a local burial site was desecrated the night before, with the strange triangle symbol branded on their livestock. The family seemed nervous and wary, but thankful of the outside help.

Investigating the barrow, they discover an old tomb housing an ancient barbarian chief, who promptly comes to life as a revenant, demanding justice for the desecration, but aware that the party were not the culprits. The revenant claims the real culprits are in the ranch, and he pushes past the party to head out that way, when suddenly, the barrow entrance comes crashing down in a cave-in. The revenant leaps onto the pile of rocks and begins feverishly excavating as the party gets ambushed by Larrakh and an earth elemental. After a short but tense victory, the revenant breaks free, and the party finds a large group of a local barbarian tribe waiting outside. The tribe members discuss with the revenant what to do with the Nettlebee family, and head down to the ranch, bust in the door and start searching for the desecrators while the party watches from the sidelines.

The barbarians pull two of the family from the basement, hiding in a secret room, bring them outside, and behead them, the party still waiting on the sidelines. As the contents of the secret room are searched, they find evidence that Wiggin, the head of the house, was colluding with the Black Earth cult, and had been instructed by Larrakh to set up this ambush.

As thanks for uncovering his betrayal, Wiggin’s wife gives the party a bag of holding with blueprints for making another, and the revenant gives them a silver raven totem before he lays back down to rest, his purpose fulfilled.

The party decides to head into the Sumber Hills in search of the missing delegation, and get ambushed by some flying air cultists, retrieving a set of wingwear from one of the bodies.


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