Jellema Family Campaign

Princes of the Apocalypse 4

Session 4

Following the tracks made by the Mirabar caravan, the party discovers they were attacked at a fork in the road, one side leading east towards the river, one side leading south towards Red Larch. Deciding to follow the southern tracks, they come across a monastery tucked away in a canyon amphitheater. Peeking around a bit, the party discovers a training facility of sorts for monks dressed in dun-colored robes and golden gargoyle masks. Sneaking in a side door to a hallway inside, they find a walled-off garden with very life-like statues, and a set of stairs heading down to a door with deep, gruff voices on the other side. Avoiding the door downstairs, the party heads back up and into an inner courtyard open to the sky with a few gargoyles flanking a set of double doors leading further inward.

The gargoyles and a pair of monks promptly attack them, alerting the whole place to their presence with Mariele loosing a lightning bolt. Destroying the gargoyles and casting a sleep spell on the monks, the party hears large footsteps coming just before 2 ogres and an ogron appear from the doors they came in. They quickly flee to the roof, using the barred windows and some rope to help climb up.


basalassumptions basalassumptions

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