Jellema Family Campaign


The party makes their way to Phandalin, find out that the town has had a bit of a make-over due to the increase in tourism in the wake of Volothamp Geddarm’s visit recently, and meet with the town council, made up of Sildar Hallwinter, Harbin Wester and Trilena Stonehill.
They are told that a woman named Ilsa has taken up residence in the mines to try and prove that nothing dangerous is there, despite the miners having gone missing, and that she should be the party’s first contact before investigating the missing water and miners in Wave Echo Cave.
Ilsa is found taking care of a mind flayer named Cerali that has separated herself from her colony, saying that their elder brain had gone mad after performing some sort of ritual that also caused many other creatures for miles around to go insane. It began demanding that treasure and magic items be brought to it, very uncharacteristic of an illithid colony.
Cerali and a few others tried to reason with the elder brain, who in turn demanded their heads, so they fled, Cerali being the only survivor.
The party escorts the weakened Cerali down into the depths of where the waters in the back of Wave Echo Cave have withdrawn, and enter into the deepest part of the colony via a secret entrance, formerly covered in water. Cerali tells the party to avoid fighting at all cost, for bringing the entire colony down on their heads would surely mean death for them all. They choose to pretend to be thralls of Cerali to get past quaggoth guards in order to activate the seals needed to reach the elder brain’s chamber.
Cerali explains that this section of the colony is the remains of an ancient ship that once “sailed among the stars”, and that the illithid hoped to one day restore it and leave the Material Plane.
The party comes across another like Cerali, captured and being tortured by tendrils coming from a fleshy patch on the wall. Freeing him, the creature identifies as Dralkit and imparts some psionic information to Mariele before dying to his wounds.
Finally reaching the elder brain’s chamber, Mariele used this knowledge to interface with the helm of the ship, awakening the elder brain from the distraction of it’s ritual, and activating a strange turret to attack the tentacles coming from the elder brain’s pool and stop the ritual completely.
Once this happens, the elder brain comes to it’s senses, Cerali rejoins the collective, and the party is surrounded by dozens of mind flayers ready to feast on their brains before the elder brain stops them. Thanking them for risking their lives to save creatures they know to be against their best interests, the elder brain gifts them with the treasure that had been collected, and allows them safe passage back out of the colony, lead by Cerali.
Cerali promises to try to convince the elder brain to move the colony away before heading back into the depths.
The party rests in the mine, identifies the magic items they found, and head back to Phandalin, worried that they didn’t find the missing miners.
Upon making it back to town, they find all of the missing miners being cared for in the town square, most of them looking lost and confused.


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